The Greater Tarpon Springs Democratic Club is an “Activist” organization whose job is to elect Democrats.  The club is chartered every two years by the Pinellas County Democratic Party (PCDEC) and the Florida Democratic Party (FDP).

To elect Democrats, our members:

1. Work in the precinct

2. Identify candidates

3. Participate in county, state and national programs and activities

4. Phone banks, home visits, distribute signs…anything that helps get out the vote.

Winning is pretty simple – Talk to your friends and be sure they vote!  Increase your friends through registration drives.


What It Means to Be a Democrat
Democrats are people you see in your community: at work, at church, at the store and at the ballpark.  We come from all walks of life, but our shared beliefs and values help shape a strong state and nation where every citizen has the opportunity to succeed.

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The Democratic Pledge

The following pledge was developed by the Greater Tarpon Springs Democratic Club members at a meeting in Spring 2012. The pledge answers the questions: “What does it mean to be a Democrat” and/or “For what does the Democratic Party stand”. It is recited just after the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag at most GTSDC meetings to help us focus and remind ourselves of the work to be done.
I am a proud Democrat. I believe in our American democratic form of government. I will stand up and work for, more:
Equality, acceptance, and fair treatment
Security in our homes and lives
Freedom of speech and expression, worship, choice, and from want and fear FOR ALL. 
I will work to give hope that our environment, this land, our country and the world will be a better place for all generations to come.

Songs of Unity

We’re All in This Together by Ben Lee
Happy Days are Here Again by Mitch Miller
If You’re Out There by John LegendPeople are People by Depeche ModeRight Here Right Now by Jesus JonesEveryday People by Sly and the Family Stone
Happy by Pharrell Williams


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